Long-Term Debt

Monterey One Water’s long-term debt, excluding pensions, is shown below. The Agency’s bonds were rated as follows:

A credit rating helps lenders determine a borrower's creditworthiness. Credit ratings are determined by factors such as outstanding debt, history of debt payments, rate increases, and available reserves. Entities with higher credit ratings are more likely to attract more bond buyers and receive lower interest rates on their debt.

Required disclosures for debt are posted on this federal website:
Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA)

Summary of Debt

State Revolving Fund Loan (PDF) 
Balance: $99 millionMaturity: 2049Rate: 1%
Bureau of Reclamation (PDF)
Balance: $10.2 millionMaturity: 2036Rate: 0 & 7.625%
Infrastructure Bonds (PDF) 
Balance: $5.2 millionMaturity: 2026Rate: 2.14%
Pension Bonds (PDF) 
Balance: $4.5 millionMaturity: 2026Rate: 4.18%
Line of Credit (PDF)
Balance: $55,000Maturity: 2022Rate: 0.35%+LIBOR