Long-Term Debt

Monterey One Water’s long-term debt, excluding pensions, is shown below. The Agency’s bonds were rated as follows:

Required disclosures for debt are posted on this federal website:
Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA)

Summary of Debt

State Revolving Fund Loan (PDF) 
Balance: $98 millionMaturity: 2049Rate: 1%
Bureau of Reclamation (PDF)
Balance: $11 millionMaturity: 2036Rate: 0 & 7.625%
Infrastructure Bonds (PDF) 
Balance: $6 millionMaturity: 2026Rate: 2.14%
Pension Bonds (PDF) 
Balance: $5 millionMaturity: 2026Rate: 4.18%
Energy / Vehicle Leases (PDF)
Balance: $97,000Maturity: 2021Rate: Varies
Line of Credit (PDF)
Balance: $55,000Maturity: 2022Rate: 0.35%+LIBOR