MontereCover of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reporty One Water produces the following financial reports on an annual basis. In recognition of our prudent planning and fiscal transparency, the Agency has received the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence from the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) for its Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (Annual Report) and its Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR).


Annual Report

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Interim Financials

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Capacity Fees

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State Controller's

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Report Details

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (Annual Report) are prepared each year by Monterey One Water. The Annual Report is a detailed look at the Agency’s financial condition, including an unmodified review by an independent auditor.
Popular Annual Financial Reports (PAFR), summaries of the Annual Report, are also produced annually. 

Interim Financials: Provide unaudited year-to-date budget and actual information on the Agency’s revenues, expenses, and capital projects.

Capacity Fees: Required, unaudited reports for the State showing how impact fees collected from new development partially fund eligible debt service and capital projects.

State Controller’s: Provide unaudited details of financial operations, with more information available at the State Controller’s Office website.