Business Capacity Charges

This fee, known as a capacity charge, is only incurred when connecting a property to the regional sewer system or increasing your usage. Capacity charges ensure all customers pay their share of the capital costs associated with maintaining, improving, and/or expanding the sewer system due to the increase in flow.

The capacity charge described above is collected by Monterey One Water. Please check with the city in which you are looking to build or expand your usage to determine if additional capacity fees are assessed by your city, in addition to those assessed by M1W.

Note: All businesses connecting to the regional system will require a site inspection upon completion of construction. For more information on our annual business survey program, visit our Field Inspections page.

Commercial Businesses

  • The charge is calculated using three factors:
    1) Type of Business
    2) Wastewater Flow* (gallons per day)
    3) Wastewater Strength* (milligrams per liter)

    *For these factors, a standard value is utilized and represents the average historical usage for that business category. If you think your flow and/or strength volumes are less than the standard value, actual volumes may be used instead

  • A rate formula is then used to convert these factors into your total fee:
    Flow FactorXStrength Factor=Equivalent  Dwelling  Unit (EDU)

    EDUXCurrent Rate=Capacity Charge

  • To determine the factors for your business, please refer to the Capacity Charge Calculation (PDF).

Special Users: Industrial Businesses 

Special users are any establishment which cannot be classified in any other category, based on business type, individual flow, and strength characteristics. The capacity charge for special users is ordinarily determined based on actual volumes. See the Capacity Charge Calculation (PDF) for the special user rate formula.

Note: Industrial users must call our Customer Service Department to schedule a review of your final building plans

Before You Visit our Office

  • Industrial users must call for an appointment with our Customer Service Department for a plan check review.
  • Please bring the following with you:
    • Documentation - Copies of water bills or submeter readings for the preceding one-year period or a reliable estimate of water usage for the industry, and measured or reliable estimates of wastewater effluent strength such as biological oxygen demand (BOD) and suspended solids. Acceptance of the reliability of the estimates will be at the discretion of the M1W.
    • Plans - A copy of the final building plans required for issuance of your building permit.
    • Fees - Check, cash or money order.

Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permit

  • Applicants are required to contact M1W’s Source Control Department to determine whether an industrial wastewater discharge permit will be required. 
  • Please contact Source Control at 831-883-1118 or 831-424-1108, preferably prior to applying for the sewer capacity permit.

Sewer Connection Permit

When you pay your business capacity charge to connect to the regional sewer system, Monterey One Water will also issue you a Sewer Connection Permit. Some cities require you provide them with a copy of this permit. View a list of the appropriate departments that require a copy of the Agency’s sewer connection permit.