Investment Report Cover featuring aerial of secondary clarifiers at the Regional Treatment PlantIt is the policy of Monterey One Water to invest public funds in a manner that will provide a high level of safety and security of principal. The Agency invests its reserves in the State Local Agency Investment Fund (LAIF) and the Monterey County Pool.  

Included in this section are Monterey One Water's investment analyses and its Investment Policy (PDF) which has been certified for excellence by the Association of Public Treasurers of the United States and Canada (APTUSC).


Investment Reports

Interim: Current (PDF) All Years

Monterey One Water Authorized Investments

Fiscal Year 2023-2024 

Investment TypeMaximum $ or %Minimum Rating
U.S. Treasuries / Agencies100%None
Money Market Funds
(Includes Bank of the West)
Joint Powers Agency Pool (CAMP/Caltrust)100%None
Bankers Acceptances40% Total -
10% with 1 Institution
Commercial Paper25% Total -
10% with 1 Institution
Certificates of Deposit30% Total -
10% with 1 Institution
A1 < 1 year
A for 1-5 years
State/Local Debt IssuesNone
(except M1W)
Monterey County Pool100%N/A
State Local Investment Fund (LAIF)$75 millionN/A
With its improvement in Net Position, Monterey One Water will be looking to diversify its investment pool in the future. Investments greater than five years must be pre-approved by the Board.