Power Generation


Monterey One Water utilizes Methane gas, a byproduct of the treatment process, as a fuel source for large, engine-driven generators to create electricity.   

Today, all of the electricity required to run the treatment plant is produced from a blend of methane and natural gas. Almost 9.5 million kilowatt-hours of electricity are produced per year, enough to power 9,900 average homes for a month.


  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Reduced electricity costs
  • Decreased environmental impact

Solar Panels Power Recycled Water FacilitySolar Energy

In 2010, M1W, in coordination with the Monterey County Water Resources Agency, authorized a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Tesla Corporation for a 1.12 Megawatt thin-film solar installation at the Regional Treatment Plant. Tesla designed and constructed the solar power system. Tesla owns, operates, and maintains the facility, and sells power to M1W.

The project is designed to provide approximately 90% of the power for the Salinas Valley Reclamation Project (SVRP), which produces recycled water for 12,000 acres of farmland in northern Salinas Valley.

Generating Power

The solar project can generate 1,730,000 kilowatt-hours of power annually, the same amount needed to power 225 homes. Excess solar power can be sold back to the power company. Over a 30-year period, the solar power system will prevent 60 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels. This is the same amount absorbed by 58,000 trees over their lifetime.

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