Shared System Responsibilities

In our service area, maintenance and operation of the sewer system is a joint responsibility. For questions or to a report a problem, use the following key to determine who can best assist you.


Responsibility: City/District where the property resides

Every time you wash your dishes or clothes, flush your toilets, use your sinks, bathtubs, and showers, the used water goes down the drain through the property’s lateral line and into the sewer system. Your local city or district is then responsible for collecting this water and conveying it through an underground pipeline for treatment.  

Regional Conveyance and Treatment

Responsibility: Monterey One Water

The Monterey One Water Regional Treatment Plant is located about two miles north of the city of Marina. Once wastewater is pumped to the Plant, Monterey One Water is responsible for the treatment or cleaning of the water and the safe reintroduction of the water into the environment. This is done through the following outlets: 1) ocean discharge, 2) water recycling for food crop irrigation, and 3) water purification for groundwater replenishment. Learn more about our Agency on the About page.

Source Control (Pre-Collection)

Responsibility: Residents, Businesses, and Visitors

We all have a role in keeping our community’s sewer system functioning properly. Wastewater treatment facilities are not designed to process items that should not go down the drain. Grease,"flushable wipes," pharmaceuticals, and more can lead to clogs and equipment malfunctions that are pricey to fix. Together we can prevent overflows, protect human health and our environment, and ensure efficient operations. Learn more about what you can do to protect your pipes and prevent clogs by visiting our Prevention pages.