Regional Treatment Plant

Monterey One Water’s Regional Treatment Plant (RTP) is located two miles north of the city of Marina. The facility began operation in February of 1990 and was constructed to bring regional efficiency to the treatment of wastewater, to improve water quality, and to provide cooperative water solutions for the community.

The Regional Treatment Plant is home to three treatment processes:

  1. Primary/Secondary Treatment
  2. Tertiary Treatment
  3. Advanced Purification
Operational Start: February 1990
Daily Capacity: 29.6 million gallons
Source Water: Raw wastewater
Product Water: Secondary effluent which takes one of three paths: 1) ocean discharge, 2) influent for Tertiary Treatment, or 3) influent for Advanced Purification
Construction Costs:
• $28 million for the 60-inch diameter outfall line
• $48 million for the connecting interceptors and pump stations
• $74 million for the Regional Treatment Plan 
Operations and Maintenance Funding: Property owners in our service area are billed bi-monthly for the costs associated with primary/secondary wastewater treatment