Assistant General Manager

Tamsen R. McNarie

B.S. Earth Science, Weber State University

Certified Hazardous Materials Manager, UC Santa Barbara

Assistant General Manager Tamsen McNarieBe professional. Be productive. Be positive.

Tamsen joined Monterey One Water as Assistant General Manager in the fall of 2017. She has over 25 years of experience in water, wastewater, and reuse infrastructure, operations and maintenance, and environmental project management working throughout the nation. Prior to joining the Monterey One Water team, Tamsen was Director of Maintenance Planning for San Antonio Water System, a public utility focused on sustainable, affordable water and wastewater services for ~1.5 million people.

Tamsen is driven by the high expectations her father taught her to set for herself and for others. A team player, mentor, and strategic thinker willing to confront difficult decisions, Tamsen has earned her unofficial title of Firefighter.

While Tamsen’s ability to “put out fires” is also handy given her love of celebrating with family and fireworks, she prefers to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to problem solving and pushing the Agency into the future. At Monterey One Water, she oversees, directs, and participates in all activities related to the operation and maintenance of the Regional Treatment Plant in addition to Agency’s short- and long-range strategic planning and development goals.

Since arriving at Monterey One Water, Tamsen has become a vital member of the team, quickly asserting herself as a tireless champion for continuous improvement and innovation.

Fun Fact: Tamsen played Division I collegiate basketball as a swing forward shooting baseline and top of the key, setting a career high against Eastern Washington of 36 points . . . this was before 3 pointers were part of the rules :)