Secretary to the Board

Chayito Ibarra

B.S. Business Administration, San Jose State University
Executive Assistant to the General Manager and Secretary to the Board

Board Clerk, Chayito IbarraWhen Chayito joined the Agency in 2012, she brought with her over a decade of experience in the public sector. Previously working for the Housing Authority of the County of Santa Cruz and the City of Watsonville, Chayito (who also goes by Chay – pronounced like your morning tea) has valuable experience in civic administration. In addition to her experience in the public sector, Chay spent several years working in private finance as a personal banker.

Chay tries to remember the words of Maya Angelou when conducting herself, “[P]eople will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you make them feel.” Since joining the Agency, Chay has been a positive influence on morale, affecting people through her obvious talent, passion, and knowledge.

She supports many facets of the Agency, including the General Manager, Board of Directors, and legal counsel. Her agency expertise has made her a centralized communication point for all departments, among her other duties. Critical to her role, Chay is familiar with and ensures agency compliance with the Brown Act, Public Records Act, Open Meetings Law, and related legislature. She manages the preparation, review, and distribution of public meeting agendas and related materials such as legislative actions, ordinances, agency code, resolutions, and minutes for the Board of Directors and Committee meetings.

Chay handles these numerous and varied responsibilities with the values instilled in her by her mother, who Chay remembers making the raising of seven kids look like a breeze. Some of that must have rubbed off, because Chay, through her positive attitude and flexibility, makes her challenging role look far easier than it is.

Using strong organizational skills, tact, discretion, and independent judgment, Chay contributes immensely to the overall health of the Agency . . . plus she can handle the big boss :)