Budget Overview

Paper GraphicBudget in Brief

The Budget-in-Brief (PDF) provides a graphical overview of the Agency’s current budget. It presents the major sources of funding and how the funds are used for operating expenses and capital projects.

Trends in Blue CircleBudget Transparency Tool

The Budget Transparency Tool utilizes Excel to provide users with interactive views of the Agency’s budget and financial trends. Use the filters and action buttons to chart specific data by service and account or project type.

Download the Budget Transparency Tool for your device:

Desktop Tablet or PortablePhone

Microsoft Excel is required to utilize the Budget Transparency Tool. A free online version of Excel can be accessed on the Microsoft websiteIf you are interested in greater detail, you can view complete budgets, audited financial reports, and other financial information on our Financial Transparency pages.

Tips for Using the Budget Transparency Tool

  • Opening Files: When the file opens, if you see an “Enable Editing” prompt, click on it to activate the filters and action buttons
  • Desktop Version: Use the “Fit to Screen” action button to adjust the view to the size of your screen
  • Tablet or Portable Version: Use the zoom in/out commands in Excel to adjust the view of the template  
  • Tabs: Use the tabs on the spreadsheets to switch between expenses, revenues, and projects